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What are the advantages to sign-up?

  • 1.) Your own modifiable Member page with your own header image (2000px max 16:9)

links to any of your socialmedia profiles, soundfiles or websites.

  • 2. ) 1 Hour Slot once per week with your featured header image in our radio schedule.
  • 3. ) The ability to present yourself, your crew, DJs for one hour once per month on bayradiostream and our  interactive videoconferencing , visible for all website viewers.
  • 4.) Able to receive Messages from your current listeners during the show

Will it cost anything ? No, its totally free.

What we want from you ?

Make your self familiar with the Butt configuration or any other tool that lets you connect to our server and play live and the rights to remove your content and profile information at any time when its against common sense.

Thats it, no bullshit. !